1. 联系世界各国文化艺术组织或机构,开展国际文化艺术交流

2. 充份开发各国文化艺术资源,开拓文化艺术事业领域

3. 促进世界各地文化艺术圈之互相了解,加强合作

4. 组织世界性文化艺术活动,为文化艺术事业实现更宏大目标

5. 致力中华文化艺术走向世界,建立文化自信

6. 加强新加坡与世界各地文化艺术界的联系

1. Contact cultural and arts organisations or institutions around the world, to develop international cultural and artistic exchanges

2. Fully develop national culture and art resources, and to explore the field of culture and art

3. Promote mutual understanding of cultural and art field and to strengthen cooperation around the world

4. Organize worldwide cultural and artistic activities to achieve more for culture and arts

5. Create the people’s confidence in Chinese culture and art

6. Strengthen Singapore's relations with cultural and artistic circles around the world